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Special Needs Dogs

Special Needs Dogs

Please consider sponsoring a special needs dog! Contact Pat Miller at: pmiller0000@aim.com.

Please consider contributing to our medical fund. We have many senior (12 and older), diabetic, vision impaired, tripods, and one in a wheelchair. We don't turn a schnauzer in need down. Many of our special need schnauzers never get adopted, we care and love them in a foster homes for their natural lives. Thanks for donating to SRC/F. The pups below are just a few of the newest schnauzers in need.

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Special Needs Dog of the Month!

Hi! My name is Bentley.


For anyone not knowing his story, this is the 4.7lbs (full grown) 11 month old schnauzer in from Virginia. He had a fractured Ulna and radius from what we believe was falling off a bed. The family surrendered him, as they were going to put him down due to cost. 
But Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati took him in and gave him the medical care he needed! His medical expenses started at $4000.00!
We need YOUR help in making sure we can continue saving puppies like Bentley.
Please contribute!

Email Pat Miller at: pmiller0000@aim.com.

Monetary Donations can be sent to:
Pat Miller - Group Director
Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati/Florida
5811 Red Fox Drive
Winter Haven, FL 33884



Please consider contributing to our medical fund.